Grade 6 Spanish / French

6th Grade World Language classes are designed as an introduction to the study of Spanish or French. The focus of this program is on communication skills in the target language in the skills of speaking and listening, with an introduction to writing and reading. This is a one trimester course (approximately 60 school days) that meets everyday. The topics that are covered during the course of a trimester are: alphabet, greetings and farewells, classroom objects and expressions, colors, numbers up to 100, time, days, date, months, seasons, weather, family, subjects, verbs, subject pronouns, and the geography and culture of the Spanish and French speaking world.

Grade 7 Spanish

The primary goal of this course is to have the students develop linguistic proficiency at this level, as well as cultural sensitivity. The students will broaden their communication skills while simultaneously deepening their appreciation for Hispanic cultures. Chapters 1-5 in the¡Exprésate! Textbook will be covered. Grade 7 Spanish is designed to introduce and practice communication skills. Teacher-made situations and visual stimuli will be utilized to encourage oral communication. An introduction of basic grammatical structures, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions will allow students to respond, converse, and react in Spanish. Reading selections will be included to enhance cultural references and parallel cultures. Activities are used to develop oral and auditory proficiency in the target language. Group work and paired activities will also be implemented. Oral presentations will be a part of the course as well. Ancillary materials will further develop the students' language and allow for independent practice.

Grade 7 French

Seventh grade French classes will meet every day for the entire school year. The course of study includes a variety of vocabulary ranging from numbers and time to school activities and subjects. Students will also be able to speak and write about their family, their homes, shopping, foods and leisure activities outside of school. For grammar, this course will introduce regular-er verbs and their conjugations in the present tense, some irregular verbs, definite and indefinite articles, descriptive and possessive adjectives, as well as certain individual constructions. The students will be introduced to the French-speaking world as well as different areas of France and French-speaking Canada.

Grade 8 Spanish

This course will continue the development of linguistic proficiency and cultural sensitivity begun in Grade 7. Activities, which address diverse learning styles with an emphasis on the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, will be implemented. An awareness of existing cultural differences will be presented. We will begin with Chapter 6 in the ¡Exprésate! Textbook after a review of chapters 1-5. The students will be exposed to more challenging grammatical structures and additional cultural perspectives. Students will respond, converse, and react in Spanish. As in Grade 7, reading selections will be included to enhance cultural references and parallel cultures. Activities to develop oral and auditory proficiency in Spanish, cooperative learning groups, and paired activities will be implemented. Oral presentations and ancillary materials will be used for further language development and independent practice.

Grade 8 French

This is the second half of a two-year introductory cycle. Students will continue to study the French language and culture of the Francophone world. Emphasis is placed on basic skill acquisition in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Some of the topics we will explore in French include: Food and drink, shopping, chores around the house, transportation and travel. Some of the grammar covered will include the formation and use of regular and irregular verbs, methods of negation and interrogation and descriptive techniques. The passé compose will also be introduced.