Science Frameworks

Connecticut, along with the other 49 states, is struggling with how to meet the educational needs of the citizens of the 21st century - the essential question is "what do our children really need to know and be able to do in a world that will be very different from the one we now live in?"

To help meet these needs, the State Department of Education has developed a set of science curriculum frameworks to guide educators in their endeavors. The stated goals of the frameworks are to be in alignment with National Science Education Standards, to allow equal opportunity for all students to have rich and challenging science learning experiences, to increase students' interest in learning science and pursuing science-related careers, and to prepare students for adult life in the 21st century.

The core curriculum framework describes concepts to be covered in the physical, life, and earth sciences as well science within the context of everyday life. Further information on these frameworks can be found at the Connecticut Department of Education website at

Key concepts, delineated in the frameworks, will be assessed as science is added to the Connecticut Mastery Test first as a pilot test in March of 2007 and then as a final form the following year. Integral to this test are curriculum embedded hands-on tasks which students complete at various times during the year.

Trumbull teachers have made, and continue to make, adjustments in the curriculum to meet the requirements of these new frameworks.